Rubber Never Sleeps

by Scientists




30 years. This is what it has taken for this release to see the light as an official release. Originally released in the early 80s in Australia only as a bootleg cassette, this recording compiles the long lost early "loft tapes" recorded in Perth in the late 70s as well as the beginning of their diabolic 80s swamp noise sound in Sydney.

These recordings feature very rare tracks by this seminal combo such as covers of the Modern Lovers, Alan Vega, Troggs, Chuck Berry and Alex Chilton, as well as their long time classics such as "frantic romantic" or "swampland", among others.

A must have for all Scientists fans.

Side 1
Live At "The Loft", Perth, June 1978
A1 Don't Lie To Me
A2 Frantic Romantic
A3 Sorry Sorry Sorry

Live At Storey Hall, Melbourne, Dec 1979
A4 Have You Seen My Baby?
A5 Melodramatic Touch
A6 Slow Death

Live At Sydney Uni, May 1982
A7 Tiger Tiger
A8 Strangers In The Night

Live At The Tote, Melbourne, Jan 1983
A9 Swampland
A10 I've Had It

Side 2
Live At The Tote, Melbourne, Jan 1983
B1 We Had Love
B2 When Worlds Collide

Live At The Tote, Melbourne, Aug 1983
B3 Raver
B4 She Cracked

Live At The Tote, Melbourne, Mar 1983
B5 The Wall
B6 This Is My Happy Hour

Live At The Prince Of Wales, Melbourne, Mar 1983
B7 The Other Place
B8 Gonna Make You


Line-up #1: Tracks 1-3: Kim Salmon (vocals,guitar)/ Roddy Radalj (guitar)/ Boris Sujdovic (bass) and James Baker (drums)

Line-up #3: Tracks 4-6: Kim Salmon (vocals,guitar)/ Ben Juniper (guitar,vocals)/ Ian Sharples (bass,vocals) and James Baker (drums)

Line-up #5: Tracks 7-18: Kim Salmon (vocals,guitar)/ Tony Thewlis (guitar)/ Boris Sujdovic (bass) and Brett Rixon (drums).


The music on this package was originally recorded on analogue equipment. We have attempted to preserve, as closely as possible, the sound of the original recording. However the resulting digital files can reveal limitations of the source tape.

Stratton, Jon. 2005. Pissed On Another Planet. Perfect Beat: The Pacific Journal of Research into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture. 7 (2): pp. 36-60.


released July 1, 1985

[Original text] This Cassette is a limited edition of 1000 copies. All proceeds will go to financing the Scientists fanzine: 'Heading For A Trauma' Thanks to 3PBS-FM, 3RRR-FM, James Baker. Cover Illustration-Rev Head.



all rights reserved


Kim Salmon Melbourne, Australia

Kim Salmon is an Australian musician and songwriter.

Kim Salmon's most enduring legacy, and not one that he particularly tried for, will no doubt be that many blame him, or at least his band The Scientists, for 'grunge'.

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