1. OK Commissioner

  2. Rantings From The Book Of Swamp
    Kim Salmon and the Surrealists

  3. Let's All Get Destroyed

  4. Split solo/Scientists single

  5. Mini Mini Mini/Perpetual Motion (deluxe cover)

  6. Mini Mini Mini/Perpetual Motion
    the Scientists

  7. My Script

  8. Destination Heartbreak / Animal Man

  9. Gorgeous & Messed Up / You're Safe With Me

  10. Already Turned Out Burned Out (Fast Burn)

  11. 53rd and 3rd
    Cheap Nasties

  12. The Roots of Kim Salmon

  13. Freudian Slippers / So Naive (single)
    Kim and Leanne

  14. The Science Test (single)
    Kim and Leanne

  15. True West
    Kim & Leanne

  16. Runaways
    Kim Salmon & Spencer P Jones

  17. In The Days When The World Was Wide
    The Darling Downs

  18. From One To Another
    The Darling Downs

  19. How Can I Forget This Heart of Mine?
    The Darling Downs

  20. Simple Pleasures: an introduction to The Darling Downs
    The Darling Downs

  21. To Hal and Bacharach
    Kim Salmon and the Surrealists

  22. Rock Formations

  23. I'll Be Around (Escobar Remix) EP

  24. Record
    Kim Salmon and the Business

  25. E(a)rnest

  26. Absolute

  27. Pissed On Another Planet
    The Scientists

  28. Blood Red River 1982 - 1984

  29. The Human Jukebox 1984 - 1986

  30. The Scientists
    The Scientists

  31. Crazy Heart / Cried No Tears / Temple of Doom

  32. The Scientists EP

  33. Rubber Never Sleeps

  34. :: Live at the Adelaide Uni Bar 6 August 1983 ::
    the Scientists

  35. Precious Jules
    Precious Jules

  36. Hit Me With The Surreal Feel
    Kim Salmon & The Surrealists

  37. Non-Stop Action Groove
    Kim Salmon & The Surrealists

  38. Grand Unifying Theory
    Kim Salmon & The Surrealists

  39. Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing
    Kim Salmon & The Surrealists


Kim Salmon Melbourne, Australia

Kim Salmon is an Australian musician and songwriter.

Kim Salmon's most enduring legacy, and not one that he particularly tried for, will no doubt be that many blame him, or at least his band The Scientists, for 'grunge'.


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